GiftCaddies App for iOS

The GiftCaddies app is a solution for social gifting, making it possible to send a gift to someone in your social network or cellphone contacts through the app. GiftCaddies recently was selected to pitch on the popular ABC reality show Shark Tank. Download the app. >


Goal setting for this application depended on two factors: the customer experience and client satisfaction. My goals for this application were:

  1. Demonstrate the ease of the application utilizing a short demo/introduction.
  2. Design and demonstrate an easy-to-understand registration & log-in process.
  3. Create a design and prototype that is easy for the client to demo to vendors.

My method to achieve these goals began with diagramming the multiple backend processes that occur with this application including: email correspondence, payment processing, and registration notifications.


Prototyping and wireframing for the GiftCaddies application was done using a combination of Sketch, Photoshop, Invision and UX decisions were implemented throughout the initial wireframing stages, followed through with the launch of the application.